25 March 2023,   12:09
Confession of Georgian Dream"s another supporter

Another former supporter of "Georgian Dream" speaks about the humiliation and torture of people. After Melor Vachnadze, Giorgi Gabedava, who has been actively assisting the ruling team, speaks of violence.

In an inerview with Courier Gavedava says that violent and repressive system has not changed , only rullung poarty is the different , which turned out to be unacceptable for him.

He said that because of this, he criticized the government several times, after which a repression was carried out against him, so he had to leave the country.

According to him, he lives in Sweden for five months already and with his family, he is waiting for political asylum.

"I just fought against the regime and I thought that something would change, but the regime remained the same," Giorgi Gabedava said.