24 March 2023,   07:55
"Georgian population should come out and choose a decent, European, principle, patriot candidate -my mother" - Teimuraz Gorgjestan

One day before the presidential election, the son of a candidate supported by Georgian Dream has released a video appeal. Teimuraz Gorgjestan says that the population should make a decent choice.

"Former French diplomat who has arrived from Europe to help Georgia to enter the EU. With whom is she fighting in the second round? With the diplomat of the Soviet Union, which had a Russian passport when the war with Russia was underway and who is proud that he was a Soviet diplomat. The defeat of Grigol Vashadze and the Soviet Union is the last battle.

The entire Georgian population should come out for this fight and choose a decent, European, principle, patriot candidate, my mother Salome Zurabichvili, "said Salome Zurabichvili"s son.

Salome Zourabichvili"s son Teimuraz (Gugushvili) Gorgjestan is a citizen of France, According to Georgian legislation, he can not participate in the election campaign.