22 June 2024,   20:25
Nino Lomjaria responds to detention of Davit Kirkitadze

Public Defender responds to Davit Kirkitadze"s detention. Nino Lomjaria is ready to get involved in the process if the defendant expresses his wish.
"I have just heard about his detention. Of course, I will be involved in this process if he needs need help or has concrete arguments why he should not be persecuted. Of course, we will study these facts, "said Nino Lomjaria.
Law enforcers detained Davit Kirkitadze for assault, insult of a policeman and property damage. The incident happened yesterday in the village of Velistsikhe, where the police did not allow opposition leaders and supporters to enter Telavi.
According to the Public Defender, four citizens and 10 policemen were injured in yesterday"s incident at the village of Velistsikhe.
"I think these facts need investigation and everyone should be held responsible for their crime. Whether it is a policeman or rally participant, "said Nino Lomjaria.