13 July 2024,   20:57
Election of judges and confrontation in Georgian Dream - Ivanishvili makes a statement

A Chairman of Georgian Dream releases a statement regarding the selection of judges of the Supreme Court and ongoing processes in the ruling party. According to Bidzina Ivanishvili, the governing team has taken a reasonable decision to postpone election of judges.

According to him, Eka Beselia"s statement when she linked her resignation to the issue of electing judges was not clear.

According to Ivanishvili, the former chairperson of the Committee of Law issues acts teamwork and the issue of electing her as the Deputy Chairperson was removed from the agenda.

"Over the past few weeks, the issue of the selection of the judges of the Supreme Court and the difficulties existing in the management team have caused attention of the society.
As the leader of the ruling party, I feel obliged to share my attitude about these issues with the society .
I would like to confirm that the decision regarding Eka Beselia"s resignation and appointment on the position of a Deputy Chairperson was taken in the summer.

This decision was related to the difficulties that have appeared in the ruling team in 2017 and one of the main reasons for my return to politics - that was the lack of teamwork.

In this context, it is unfortunate that Eka Beselia linked the decision, taken in summer with the issue of selection of judges. Her decisions, taken after leaving the position are even more unclear...

Taking into consideration this kind of attitude towards the team, it is quite natural that the issue of electing Eka Beselia as a deputy chairman of the parliament was removed from the agenda."- reads the statement.