17 January 2021,   11:13
State Department was informed by Gigauri - Sergo Metopishvili


Judges oppose the non-governmental sector due to the accurate report of the US State Department.
In a 47-page report dealing with human rights in Georgia, the court system is acutely criticized.

The judges say that the US Department of State has been influenced by Georgian NGOs, which forced Washington to reflect fake facts in their report.

Sergo Matofishvili, the Member of the Council of Justice states that the NGO reports are fraudulent and rumours. He says that he knows many rumours and truth about Eka Gigauri, the director of Transparency International Georgia.

"This is a report based on reports of " Transparency International " and other politically-motivated NGOs, I call them politicized NGOs. Gigauri, in fact, spreads rumours. These are her fantasies. I know a lot of gossip about Mrs. Gigauri, including the reality, "Sergo Matofishvili said.

Members of the Supreme Council of Justice express their distrust to Georgian NGOs.