18 June 2024,   05:45
Situation in Davit Gareji - anti-occupation movement starts civil patrolling

Anti-occupation movement "Strenght is in Unity" starts patrolling Davit Gareja territory. According to Davit Katsarava, if Azeri border guards continue to prevent citizens from moving to the Desert monastery, civil activists will interfere.
The founder of the anti-occupation movement calls on the authorities to take effective steps to correct the situation. According to Katsarava, it is necessary to determine the border in time to solve the problem.
"We decided to start peaceful civilian patrolling from Tuesday, which will be naturally only on those routes where tourists go. It is necessary to immediately de-escalate the situation. But naturally not at the expense of our state interests. We mean that in any case, we should not restrict freedom of movement in Davit Gareji for Georgian citizens, "Davit Katsarava said.