12 December 2023,   02:29
"Ministry of Internal Affairs told me that this person is not the first source of the crime" - Eka Beselia

Eka Beselia responded to the briefing of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The MP says that she has more questions about the revealing of private life than she had before. According to her, she is fully aware of the case materials and knows nothing about this person. Eka Beselia says she is suspicious why investigation started talking about this person after the report of "Rustavi 2."
Eka Beselia also said that she was communicating with the investigative authorities, who asked whether this person was the source of the crime. The investigators told Beslia that the mentioned person was not the first source.
"We know this prisoner of Armenia for already months and I remember that "Rustavi 2" interviewed this prisoner. When I got into investigative materials, I asked whether this person was interrogated, he was not. After that I have got information from Armenian prosecutor, I was told that this prisoner did not give testimony. The main question I asked was whether this person was the first source, I was told that this is not the first source," - - Beselia said.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs has named 2 persons for spreading the personal life of Eka Beselia, one is Armenian prisoner, the second is Russian citizen.