12 August 2022,   16:25
The lawyer will appeal against Irakli Okruashvili"s detention

The lawyer of the former defense attorney will appeal against leaving Irakli Okruashvili in detention as a preventive measure. The Judge of the City Court, Maka Gvelesiani left Irakli Okruashvili in preliminary custody.
According to the lawyer, Irakli Okruashvili links the arrest with his activation in the political process.
"The shameful decision was taken and the unreasonable motion of the prosecutor"s office was unanimously accepted. I would like to emphasize that in the course of solving these issues, each individual should be assessed, and the arguments of threats on all three detainees brought by the Prosecutor"s Office are absolutely identical. We will appeal the ruling, let"s see what happens, "- said Mamuka Chabashvili.