20 January 2022,   08:59
"I trust the Prosecutor"s Office for 200%" – because of signature of non-disclosure Gabunia no longer speaks about pardon case details

The Parliamentary Secretary of the President of Georgia has left the Prosecutor"s Office where he was questioned in the framework of the investigation on the case of President’s pardoning act issued on August 28. 

"I provided the investigation with the information I had. As for the inquiries and details of the investigation, because of signature of non-disclosure agreement I have no right to tell you what kind of questions they had and what were my answers.
I fully trust them. I have a feeling that the investigation is interested in identifying the possible perpetrators of the crime, and I trust the Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia and the investigation for 200%", - said Gabunia. He added that if guilty persons will be found, they should be punished severely.
According to Dimitri Gabunia, after the end of the investigation, he is going to submit a statement to the Prosecutor’s office against those persons who connected "his name and surname in this dirty slander" and will demand to punish them with the full severity of law.