18 January 2021,   11:40
“A single cases can"t shadow 40,000 conscientious policemen” – Prime–Minister about Mumladze"s murder case

Prime – Minister Giorgi Gakharia commented on the murder of 35-year-old Davit Mumladze, where the possible crime of police officers is mentioned. Gakharia noted that if such facts were confirmed, the approach would be much more rigorous and ruthless.

“I would like to address a serious case that took place last week, when two out of five murder suspects turned out to be police officers. Of course, this is a heavy component, a grave consequence, of course. But we must also bear in mind that this single case cannot cast a shadow over the 40,000 people who serve this country with dignity, at the risk of losing their lives. We also have to understand, and we have repeatedly noted that when a law enforcer commits a crime without taking into account the interests of the system as a whole, we will be much tougher and our approach will be absolutely ruthless, because no one will ever be able to cast doubt on the service of thousands of honest police officers. However, of course, we should not tolerate such cases. That is why reforms have been launched at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is called systemic renewal. And that is why it is imperative for us to change the values of our police in terms of both the citizen and their functions, duties and responsibilities towards the country, as well as increasing the efficiency of their daily work", - said Giorgi Gakharia.