13 May 2021,   16:39
Let me go either to Rustavi or outside - Nika Melia

This is an imitation of the court, let me go either to Rustavi or outside, said today Nika Melia during his trial.

“Let’s finish this process soon. By talking a lot we admit that we are in the court. I know the decision you have to announce has already been made…

As if I could, if I wished, pay a ransom, called bail. I am asking you, can I pay the bail even if I want to? No, of course you know that better than me. Or how many thousands of GEL do I have to pay? No one knows because there is no legal document.

Here are prosecutors who have been talking for two months that I am in jail with the door open and I am not leaving prison. Why do not they file a motion to change the measure of restraint? I will not pay because it is illegal”, -said the Chairman of the United National Movement.