10 May 2021,   22:09
Afghan Mukhtarli granted victim’s status

Afghan Mukhtarli, Azerbaijani journalist, has been granted victim’s status. Such a statement released the “Rights Georgia”.

“An investigative experiment was conducted with the participation of Afghan Mukhtarli and Rights Georgia and almost four years after the start of the investigation, a motion filed by lawyer Archil Chopikashvili has been granted, and Afghan Mukhtarli has been granted victim’s status.

Besides, the categorization of the case was specified. The investigation, which was previously carried out under the first part of Article 143 of the Criminal Code [unlawful deprivation of liberty], will continue under Article 143, part 3, sub-subparagraph “a” [deprivation of liberty by a group with prior agreement]”, - reads the statement of the organization.