11 May 2021,   00:00
One person detained in Tbilisi for attacking a lesbian couple - the MIA

The officers of the Patrol Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained O.I. (DoB 1984), as a result of operative and investigative activities in Tbilisi for threatening, coercing and unauthorized access to a computer system.

The investigation established that on April 20 of the current year, O.I. threatened K.E. (DoB 1984) and N.U. (DoB 1989) with a health damage.

Herewith, detainee forcibly appropriated the mobile phone owned by one of the victims.

The investigation is in progress on the fact of threat, coercion and unauthorized access to a computer system, crime envisaged under article 151, 150 and 284 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Tbilisi Pride reported about this incident yesterday. According to the information, a lesbian couple was attacked in the presence of a small child on homophobic grounds. Tbilisi Pride calls on the MIA to identify signs of hate crimes, investigate the case with appropriate knowledge and sensitivity to avoid secondary victimization of victims, including minors.