08 May 2021,   02:17
Opposition’s statement on Tsulaia case is misogynistic and discriminatory against women victims - Baia Pataraia

Almost all major opposition parties said today that the sexual violence case against former MP Gogi Tsulaia shows signs of “selective justice”.

They also argued that the political motive is made clear by the fact that Tsulaia is in pretrial detention, a restraint measure they said is “practically never” used in other similar cases.

Baia Pataraia, head of women’s rights organization Sapari, decried the opposition statement as “disturbing”, stressing that charges against Gogi Tsulaia are substantiated by evidence, including a recording of the former MP admitting his guilt. She also rebuffed the opposition’s claim that pretrial detention is not used in sexual violence cases.

“This statement is misogynistic and discriminatory against women victims… I am very disappointed”, - added Baia Pataraia.