20 June 2021,   08:17
Conflicting sides publicly reconciled in Dmanisi

Representatives of the conflicting parties have been reconciled, they forgave each other and restored friendly relations. Such a statement made Eastern Georgia Mufti Etibar Eminov.

“I am glad that the agreement has been reached thanks to the involvement of religious leaders, authorities, and the public, and the conflict has been resolved.

They have forgiven each other and made peace. I am sure that our people will not allow the conflict to escalate, they always back reconciliation and peaceful coexistence”, - he added.

MP Sozar Subari, the Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Relations with the Regions, Dmanisi Majoritarian MP Gogi Meshveliani and Kvemo Kartli Governor Shota Rekhviashvili attended the meeting with the representatives of the opposing parties.