20 June 2021,   08:11
About 300 people were evacuated by firefighters - a fire in a dormitory has been extinguished

A fire in a dormitory on Pekini Avenue has been extinguished. According to the existing information, no one was injured.

“The fire on Pekin Avenue has been extinguished. The fire broke out on the V floor, burning about 300 square meters of space, on the V, VI and VII floors. 14 fire-fighting trucks were operatively mobilized on the spot.

There was a danger of the fire spreading, however the fire was localized as a result of the operative response. About 300 people were evacuated by firefighters.

All relevant services are on the spot at the moment. The investigation in this case is launched”, - said Otar Kereselidze, the Head of the Tbilisi Main Division of the Emergency Management Service.