28 October 2021,   02:46
Ministry of Internal Affairs detained 11 people associated with “Thieves’ World” and initiated legal persecution against 4

The officers of the Main Division for Combating Organized Crime under the Central Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Shida Kartli Police Department detained 11 people in Gori and Khashuri as a result of a complex operative-investigative activities carried out by the Prosecutor General"s Office while legal persecution was initiated against four more persons.

The following persons were detained for membership and supporting the "Thieves" World" and appealing to the member of the “thieves’ world”. The detainees are as follows: Sh.M., (DoB 1985) N.M (DoB1988, nicknamed “Rizhovich”) K.N. (DoB 1963) B.G. (DoB1 964, Nicknamed “Paplika”), A.Ts. (DoB 1987, nicknamed “Mghvdelovich”), G. R. (DoB 1990, Nicknamed “Tsertila”), O. M. (DoB 2002, Nicknamed “Omo”), B. M. (DoB1999) G. G.(DoB 1974), Z.N. (DoB1972) and B. A. (DoB 1996).

The same charges will be brought against - A.A. (born in 1990, nicknamed “Bote”), M.M. (DoB 1983, nicknamed “Chainika”), P.B. (DoB 1998, nicknamed “Patshe”) and Sh.K. (DoB 1989, nicknamed “Tkupa”) for the same crimes.

The committed crimes envisage from 3 to 10 years of imprisonment.

As a result of complex investigative activities it was established that individuals recognized the “Thieves’ World” and were actively involved in various criminal activities. In particular, they systematically participated in “Thieves’ Skirmishes” and deprived citizens of money and expensive cars following the orders of criminal authorities in order to gain material profits in favor of “Thieves’ World”.

The accused persons, in order to resolve the financial disputes between the citizens, in accordance with the rules of the “Thieves’ World” and to settle them in their favor, got engaged in a number of disputes under the orders of “Tetra” – the “Thief in Law” residing abroad. As a result of the “Criminal Dispute” detainees settled their financial disputes in accordance with the rules of the “Thieves’ World” and forced one of the disputing parties to bring certain amount of cash.

In addition, the accused persons - members of the “Thieves’ World”, upon the instructions of the so-called “Thief in Law” nicknamed “Tetra”, illegally appropriated the car owned by the another member of the “Thieves’s World” nicknamed “Chainika”. Later on, in order to return the car, the so-called "Criminal skirmish" was organized, in which a member of the “thieves’ world” nicknamed “Rizhovich” participated. As a result of “Criminal Dispute”, the car was returned to “Chainika”. The mentioned persons also confiscated the car belonging to one of the citizens, who managed to return the vehicle it in exchange for a certain amount of cash after the so-called “Criminal Dispute”.

During the search activities, the law enforcers seized: computer equipment and the detainees’ mobile phones applied to communicate with each other and Georgian “Thief in Law” living abroad and confiscated Mercedes vehicle, 15,000 USD, Magnum and Colt firearms, bulletproof vest and magazines.

Investigation into the facts of membership and supporting the “Thieves’ World” and appealing to the member of the “Thieves’ World” is in progress under article 2231 part I, 2233 part II, 2234 part I envisaged by the Criminal Code of Georgia.