26 October 2021,   19:44
The Patriarchate of Georgia issues a statement regarding the secret recordings

The Georgian Patriarchate has released a statement regarding the disseminated secret recordings.

“If the files are created with unauthorized listenings and at the same time the truth in them is only partial, even in the case of their supporting documentary material, there is a high probability that fabrication takes place, especially in the conditions of modern technology and controversy, which has been carried out against the church by certain forces for years. Therefore, the authenticity of such records will also need to be established.

It is also noteworthy that it is the channels that have a negative attitude towards the church that replicate covert, unauthorized wiretaps, thus promoting unfounded suspicions and sowing distrust in the population, and do not shy away from causing great pain and insult to people.

Dissemination of such material on TV and the Internet, with its own interpretation, is neither ethical nor legal, regardless of whether the files are authentic or not.

We all remember the harsh reaction of the representatives of the televisions and the NGOs to the secret recordings made against them, but now when they themselves spread illegal information, the Charter of Journalistic Ethics, the Ombudsman, the NGO sector, international organizations, our friends do not speak about it, neither the Government responds properly.

Georgia and the Church of Georgia withstood many trials and, thank God, we will overcome this as well. Our people are wise and tell where there is good and where there is covert evil. At the same time, the truth always wins in the end”, - reads the statement.