26 October 2021,   19:46
About 7,000 people were vaccinated yesterday, which is very alarming - Tamar Gabunia

Tamar Gabunia, the rate of vaccination has decreased in recent days. Such a statement made today the Deputy Minister of Health.

“The rate of vaccination has decreased in recent days. Yesterday, even though it was Sunday and more citizens should have had time to go to the clinic for vaccination, slightly more than 7,000 vaccinations were administered, which is very alarming and indicates that there is a serious need to further stimulate the vaccination program, by expanding the information campaign, with more active involvement of family doctors or any other way.

Vaccination rates are quite good in some regions. Tbilisi is leading, more than 60% of the adult population is already vaccinated, although the same cannot be said for other regions. Especially noteworthy is the coverage rate in the older age groups.

The Ministry of Health and the National Center for Disease Control will intensify their efforts in the coming days”, - said Tamar Gabunia.