03 December 2021,   09:06
Rehabilitation of squares, dismantling of garages, legalization of spaces - the Mayor spoke about the planned projects at the Tbilisi government session

Rehabilitation of squares, dismantling of garages, legalization of spaces. The Mayor capital ospoke about the planned projects at the Tbilisi government session

“Yesterday we completed the first stage of the rehabilitation works of Gudiashvili Square, which makes me very happy and the public saw how wonderful the existing area is after it was renovated. Under the project, complete rehabilitation of up to 30 buildings is in progress. The surrounding streets are being renovated and there, too, all the work will be completed in the summer. From these 30 buildings, 22 are cultural heritage monuments to which careful attention was paid.

We have completed another very good project - rehabilitation-renewal of Vake Park. As you know, the mentioned works started based on the pre-project research and functional zoning map developed in 2019, and since the park is a cultural heritage site, the rehabilitation will be carried out without significant interventions and changes. It is noteworthy that such a large-scale rehabilitation has never been carried out since the establishment of Vake Park.

We will hand over the ownership certificates to another 57 families in the Samgori district with housing at a symbolic price, which is very important. I would like to congratulate these families and wish them success. I would also like to address all the families who have a similar problem, that you should definitely apply to your district board, where they will provide you with detailed information on what documents you need to submit to legalize the living space. For more than 2 000 families, we have transferred more than 300 million GEL worth of property in total, which was state-owned.

In the fourth block of Dighomi Massive, 14 garages located near the residential buildings N17 and N18 will be dismantled, while landscaping works will be carried out in the cleaned area, children"s space will be arranged, park furniture and lights will be installed. These garages visually distort the environment and many do not even use them. This is a harmful practice of the 90s and remains a problem in many districts, however, Tbilisi City Hall is gradually dismantling them in all districts and arranging sports fields and recreation areas in return.

Asphalt paving works are underway in Gldani district, Small Lake Settlement. At the moment, the project is being implemented on Ingusheti Street, the first lane of Maisuradze Street, and the surrounding alleys. In the first stage of the project, two-layer asphalt pavement will be laid on the 1200-meter road. After the completion of the road works, a new network of the outdoor lighting system will be arranged in the streets. On these particular streets of the Small Lake Settlement, the population was still moving through the ground road. One can hardly imagine how difficult the situation was in rainy weather. We have many such settlements where there is a similar problem. The same was in the Mukhiani settlement, in the cottages, where we started settling its underground services in order. The same is in the village of Dighomi, there are no underground services. We are going everywhere with the approach that we must first regulate these underground network systems. After the completion of the infrastructural works, public transport will run on the streets in the Small Lake Settlement”, - said Kakha Kaladze.