27 January 2022,   14:50
The Ministry of Internal Affairs seized various types of illegal firearms and a large amount of ammunition

The officers of the Central Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of investigative activities, arrested P.S. (DoB 1960) for illegal purchase, storage and carrying of firearms.

The committed crime envisions from 4 to 7 years of imprisonment.

Law enforcers detained the accused person in the village of Krtsanisi, Gardabani Municipality and during his personal search seized the following firearms and ammunition as evidence: Makarov system pistol, 9 cartridges and a pneumatic pistol, as well as cash - 11,200 USD, 50 euros and 3,695 GEL.

As a result of the search activities of detainee’s house located in the village of Krtsanisi, police seized a grenade and an explosive device. During the search of P.S.’s apartment in Tbilisi, the law enforcers seized: 3 “TT” pistols, Makarov pistol, 2 handguns of “Compact” and “Arcus” models, 2 “Geko” type weapons, 4 hunting smoothbore rifles and 3 rifles, a training grenade and 4182 cartridges for various types of weapons as well as cash - 36,700 USD as evidence.

Investigation on the fact of illegal purchase, storage and carrying of firearms is underway under the Article 236 III and IV parts of the Criminal Code of Georgia.