29 February 2024,   13:46
Parliament of Romania adopted Resolution regarding the European perspective of Georgi, Moldova, Ukraine and the Western Balkans

The Parliament of Romania adopted Resolution regarding the European perspective of the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and the Western Balkans.

The Resolution reconfirms the firm support of Romania as Georgia’s strategic partner for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia, within internationally recognized borders, taking into consideration the principles and objectives inscribed in the Joint Declaration on the Establishment of a Strategic Partnership between Romania and Georgia.

The document highlights the strategic importance of physical and societal interconnections in strengthening stability, security and prosperity in the Black Sea region, as well as for its lasting anchoring to the European space.

The EU enlargement policy remains the key pillar of the European commitment in its neighborhood and the most successful tool of the European Union for stimulating a transformation democracy of the Western Balkans and the states in its Eastern Neighborhood.

According to the Resolution, the enlargement process is based on the candidates" own merits in fulfilling the commitments undertaken, and on their attachment to European values.

The Romanian Parliament reiterates its full support for the advancement of the European integration of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia and calls for continued European support for the advancement of Georgia’s European course, taking into account the clear pro-European orientation of its citizens, including through the granting of candidate status, and encourages in this context the continuation of Georgia"s efforts towards a comprehensive and sustainable implementation of the European Commission’s recommendations.

The Resolution underlines the need for increased commitment by the European Union to ensure peace, stability and security in its Eastern Neighbourhood and to develop all dimensions of the connectivity of the states in the region with the European Union.