20 June 2024,   10:51
As representative of Government, I can promise you that we will do everything to protect our values and the national interests of the country - Kobakhidze

The Government of Georgia would make every effort to protect values, the state and national interests. Such a statement the Prime Minister of Georgia made at an event marking the Day of Family Purity and Respect for Parents at the Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi.

Irakli Kobakhidze emphasised the “importance of love as a fundamental value of Christianity” and the significance of the event for “protecting the country’s identity, language, and faith”.

He also underlined the “responsibility of every citizen to protect the country’s identity and unity” and urged the public to “unite around the value of love”.

“I want to extend my congratulations to all of you on this significant day, which unites our country. There are forces that seek to divide our society, but as a Christian nation, love is our primary value, and we must strive to counter attempts to replace love with hate. It is essential for each of us to unite our country around love.

With love, we can also unite with our Abkhazian and Ossetian brothers and sisters. Long live our united Georgia, united by the love among its people”, - said the Head of the Government.