20 June 2024,   09:16
I offer the young people participating in protests to select 10 representatives with whom I will hold a public discussion around the Bill on Transparency - Kobakhidze

I offer the young people participating in the protests to select 10 representatives with whom I will hold a public discussion around the Bill on Transparency. Such a statement was released by the Prime Minister of Georgia.

“The degree of violence at the recent demonstrations against the transparency law was significantly reduced, for which I would like to thank all our sincere fellow citizens participating in the demonstrations.

The violence at the rallies had specific organizers. These were the radical parties and NGOs and their associated violent groups. It is unlikely that the rejection of violence was the decision of these people.

Therefore, we should think that the reduction of violence is the merit of those young people who do not participate in the rallies for political reasons, but who sincerely believe that the law could create an obstacle for the European integration of our country. We should think that in the end, it was they who gave the rallies an acceptable, peaceful form for Georgian culture.

Emotions have largely subsided. Many people who previously thought otherwise have already realized that the law on transparency is, in fact, not Russian at all. Despite external blackmail, many people also realized that this law will not hinder Georgia"s European integration either.

Many would also remember that they were blackmailing us from the outside in exactly the same way, when we were asked to join the sanctions and collapse the economy of Georgia, to send fighting volunteers to Ukraine with the official approval of the government and involve Georgia in the military conflict, to violate the judiciary and the Central Election Commission, to release the supposedly dying Saakashvili, to release Gvaramia from prison, to terminate the criminal prosecution against Kezerashvili and to punish Bidzina Ivanishvili. However, everyone remembers that we did not agree to any of these insulting demands and we still got candidate status for EU membership. If we show the same dignity in the future, we will certainly achieve results in all directions, including Georgia"s integration into the European Union.

Everyone remembers that the ruling team has been completely open to discussion about the foreign influence transparency law all this time. We offered this kind of open discussion to the ambassadors of those countries, which rudely interfered in the internal political legislative debates of Georgia. However, unfortunately, the ambassadors avoided the public discussion, and representatives of their countries, from across the sea or ocean, continued to make rude statements devoid of arguments. In exactly the same way, representatives of the media outlets belonging to the radical opposition escaped from a healthy discussion. All this is a sign that, in fact, there are no arguments against the law, and our opponents are motivated by the only goal, to somehow hide the information about the finances of NGOs from the population of Georgia.

The future of Georgia belongs to the youth. Our country has an exemplary, exceptionally bright and progressive youth, and they should take over the management and development of this country in the future. This country must be run together in the future by young people who support or oppose the transparency law today. Therefore, meeting all healthy young people and discussing important issues is a special honor for me. I am ready not only to hear from them, but also, when appropriate, to share notes, and I expect the same attitude from the youth. If a person is convinced that he thought wrongly, he should be able to admit it and change his position, which speaks not of a person"s weakness, but of his dignity.

I think there is a better opportunity to have a healthy discussion about the law amid the subdued emotions. I offer the young people participating in the protests to select ten representatives with whom I will hold a public discussion around the law on transparency. You can attend the discussion together with 2-3 non-young people as well, whom you consider to be an authoritative expert.

I hope that this time we will get a suitable response to constructiveness and openness, and unlike the Ambassadors and the media belonging to the radical opposition, young people will engage in a healthy discussion about the Law on Transparency”, - reads the statement of Irakli Kobakhidze.