14 July 2024,   13:57
Six opposition parties sign the Declaration of Unity

Six opposition parties – United National Movement, Girchi – More Freedom, Akhali, Lelo, Droa, Strategy Aghmashenebeli - sign the Declaration of Unity.

“In order to win the upcoming elections, we are signing the Declaration of Unity, which implies unity both before and after the parliamentary elections. We the undersigned agree:

- Strengthen efforts before the upcoming elections, so that not a single electoral vote is lost, so that crossing the 5% threshold is not a problem;
- No later than July 8, 2024, to find the most effective configuration of our unity that will bring maximum results in the elections;
- Keeping the ethical scope, we should continue to discuss the issues facing the country and avoid attacking each other before and after the elections;
- Oppose the propaganda of Georgian Dream with a united effort;
- Agree on the formation of a unified ruling coalition after the elections, in order to fulfill the points given in the Georgian Charter;
- Undertake not to vote in the new parliament for the formation of a Government in which Georgian Dream will participate;
- After the parliamentary elections, we should support the united presidential candidate in the presidential elections;
- To unite around strategic political goals and activities with civil protest movements and activists who fought and are still fighting to protect democracy and return Georgia to the Euro-Atlantic path;
- To call and mobilize the maximum participation of Georgian voters living abroad in the elections and ask the partner countries to facilitate the existing process;

- Agree to join efforts to protect all electoral votes and prevent election fraud;
- We ask our Western partners to use all available means to protect the right of Georgian citizens to participate in fair and transparent elections, as this opportunity may be deliberately limited by the Georgian Dream Government;
- Call on the OSCE/ODIHR, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and other agencies to provide long-term monitoring of the parliamentary elections”, - reads the Declaration.