10 August 2020,   03:13
We change the undemocratic constitution for a democratic one - Irakli Kobakhidze

Public Discussion of Constitutional Amendments in Batumi were held on the background of citizens` activism. The attendees had questions about the constitutional amendments, including the rule of electing the president.

"None of the elections have been conducted, which has not left too many questions. Do you think such elected people should elect for us of the President? Where are we going to Mr. Chairman? "- said one of the attendees.
The Chairman of the Parliament responded to the citizen and said that the country was moving towards democracy.

"We moved from 2012 when we had 24 500 prisoners to the reality when we have today 9 500 prisoners instead , we change the undemocratic constitution for a democracy one and that`s where we are going all together,"- said Irakli Kobakhidze