01 December 2021,   05:10
"This visit is my visit in the capasity of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President" - Gigi Tsereteli holds high-level meetings in US

Members of the Georgian delegation in the US are holding independent meetings. Among them is Gigi Tsereteli, who holds meetings in the rank of Vice-President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. He met with US senators and Congressmen who are special representatives to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in the field of fight against trafficking, anti-Semitism and racism. Meetings were held with the heads of national democratic and international republican institutions. Gigi Tsereteli also attended a security conference in the US Senate.

"This visit is my visit to the US as the President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, which deals with the issues that are in the OSCE focus. First of all, these are security issues, "Gigi Tsereteli said.