08 December 2021,   05:40
Forcible deporting makes things even worse," - Carl Billet responds to Saakashvili"s expulsion in Poland

There have already been responses tp thr detention of the third President of Georgia and his expulsion in Poland. Statement was made by Co-Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, Carl Bildt on Twitter.

"Depriving Saakashvili of his only citizenship was a clear violation of his human rights. Forcible deporting him makes things even worse,"-.writes Carl Bildt.
The former deputy head of the Pentagon, the director of the Biden Analytical Center at the University of Pennsylvania has also commented on the deportation by force of the third president of Georgia.

Michael Carpenter writes that "the use of law for the pursuit of hidden political goals may create a form of legality, but politically this is a bad decision.