26 May 2022,   17:58
New details about Tatunashvili"s case - Dato Gurtyev was actively involved in the detention of Georgian militaryman

The time given to the authorities expires - for the fourth day Tatunashvilis have been mourning their son and waiting for his body.

New details of the kidnapping and killing of Tutunashvili have become known to "Courier" . A reliable source from the occupied Akhalgori district informed about another person who is involved in the case of Georgian military.

According to the source, Dato Gurtiev, former employee of Sanakoev `s administration, has been actively involved in the detention of Tatunashvili. He has a high position in a law enforcement agency.

According to the sources, Gurtiev is one of those who has been instructed by the President of South Ossetia to collect information and persecute the Georgians.

Tatunashvilis are waiting for the government"s response. After the meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs, the family has given a deadline to the government till tomorrow.

Government officials say they are working actively in order to transfer the body of Archil Tatunashvili.