06 October 2022,   20:25
Opposition forces face serious threats, even threat of physical destruction," - Nika Melia

Borjomi City Hall is going to launch a boycott. Municipal transport, kindergartens and cleaning service will not work from tomorrow - Nika Melia, a member of United National Movement made an announcement.

According to him, the ruling team is responsible for the controversy that took place in the City Council of the Borjomi municipality yesterday.
As Nika Melia says, "Georgian Dream" boycotts the Borjomi City Council for the third month already. They do not attend sessions.

According to Nika Melia, the only sitting, when the "Georgian Dream" was present in full composition was yesterday"s meeting, where salaries of Borjomi City Hall employees were discussed.

Melia says that this day confirmed that "Georgian Dream" is interested only in its own wellbeing.