12 August 2022,   16:45
Idle and useless - Project "Night Economy" Causes Confrontation between Kaladze and Elisashvili

Tbilisi Mayor"s project "Night Economy", became the reason for the confrontation between Kakha Kaladze and former mayoral candidate Aleko Elisashvili .

After the 100-day moratorium, Kakhi Kaladze was criticized for the first time by the mayoral candidate and received a very strong response.
"It is not clear why I should comment on a man that has created nothing, a man who is idle and useless, - Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze said when commenting on former mayoral candidate Aleksandre Elisashvili.

Kaladze said that the development of the night economy was his pre-election promise and will definitely keep it.
Despite the acute criticism, Tbilisi mayor is not going to revise the night"s economy development project. He says that this promise has been given to people before elections.

The idea of development of the night economy is unconditionally approved by Kaladze"s teammates.

The Tbilisi Mayor"s initiative of the development of the night economy is the reason for the acute criticism in the opposition. They think that the creation of a new council announced by Kaladze will result in an unnecessary spending of money and the goal of this project is to employ Kaladze"s teammates.