20 August 2022,   07:25
Main evidence in the case of 19 year old teenager killed during Pankisi special operation - grenade was blown up

Main evidence in the case of a 19-year-old teenager killed during the Pankisi Special Operation has been destroyed - a grenade, allegedly held by Temirlan Machalikashvili, was blown up.

The chief prosecutor"s office told the family that the hand grenade was taken out of the scene and was blown up to find out whether it was a fighting grenade.

The family today declared complete mistrust to investigation. Mariam Kublashvili, a lawyer for the Machalikashvili family, says that the investigating agency has put the family before the fact and by destroying the main evidence has erased all traces of the tragedy.

The Chief Prosecutor"s Office says that the statement of the family and the lawyer is not true. According to the investigative agency, the defense requested a grenade examination when the investigative actions were already conducted.