30 September 2022,   04:27
Davit Eradze meets Public Defender

The Vake District Police Department continues to question employees of the broadcasting company Rustavi 2. All those individuals, who are in the video footage taken during the attack will be questioned.

Davit Eradze, the affected journalist has already been examined by the Samkharauli bureau. He met the Ombudsman after the examination.

"Lado Sadgobelashvili was almost in the yard of" Rustavi 2 "when we were shouting - " Stop him, Stop him!". Patrol police stopped him.I do not know exactly what happened after that. As I"m told, someone threw a cigarette in his eye. he turned around. There were two men next to me, I saw clearly how one of them hit him in a face.
So there was no aggression from Dato, "says Tea Adeishvili.

Journalist Davit Eradze speaks about the incident and the meeting with the Public Defender. According to him, the Public Defender was well informed about the assault on Rustavi 2.

"The Public Defender was very well informed about the incident.They want to determine whether the fact of Interference in journalistic activities took a place. and the fact is that it was so,"- says Davit Eradze.