06 October 2022,   21:36
Declaration in Moscow"s Interests - Karasin"s statement was followed by severe protest in Tbilisi

A week before the Geneva talks, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that the next round would end with the adoption of a declaration in Moscow"s interests. Grigory Karasin"s statement that all the participants of the Geneva Discussions may join the declaration of non-use of force was followed by with sharp protest in Tbilisi.

Before the next round of Geneva negotiations, Grigol Vashadze advises Tbilisi to refuse Russian proposals . The former Foreign Minister thinks that if the Georgian government takes this step, the policy of de-occupation and non-recognition will be radically changed.

Whether or not there was any hidden agreement between Moscow and Tbilisi before the Geneva round in the end of March and Gregory Karasin talks about the progress, to get the questions to these questions the opposition demands from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs to come to the Parliament.

Foreign Ministry has not made any explanations today.

The US ambassador to Georgia states that Georgia should join any kind of declaration if it does not threaten Georgia"s sovereignty.

The next round of Geneva is scheduled for March 27-28.