25 September 2022,   08:17
I Have Uncomfortable Questions with Papuna Ugrekhelidze - Tea Tsulukiani Speaks of Sexual Harassment

"My position today, when Papuna Ugrekhelidze is in the business trip, is that I should listen to him as a woman minister," said Justice Minister Tea Tsulukiani while assessing allegations against Papuna Ugrekhelidze .

Former employees accuse the head of the Public Registry of sexual harassment . In an interview with "Saturday Courier", one of the women noted that the Minister of Justice, along with the Prime Minister and the President, was informed about this issue.

According to the Minister, Papuna Ugrekhelidze personally is conducting the dispute.

"There is a court dispute where not the Ministry of Justice, not the Public Registry, but he personally is the respondent. Accordingly, he and the other side only know the case materials, "Tsulukiani said.

According to the minister, her deputy met with lawyer of Papuna Ugrekhelidze and got acquainted with the materials.

According to Tsulukiani, after listening to Papuna Ugrekhelidze"s position, she will have a more clear position.