30 November 2023,   05:00
Russian occupation, anti-Western sentiments spread by foreign security services - report of State Security Service

Russian occupation and Russian military forces on the occupied territories are considered as the main threat in the state security report .

In a 27-page report submitted to the parliament, it is said that the specialists of foreign countries are trying to spread anti-Western sentiments in Georgia.

The State Security Service report states that individuals and organizations that use Russia"s hybrid war, use polarizing public opinion and strengthening the Russian influence in the country have been identified.

The report states that lobbying groups, unions and political parties are trying to serve the interests of a certain country.

The report of Vakhtang Gomelauri" is devotrd to the violation of human rights in the occupied territories and the murder of Archil Tatunashvili.

In the State Security Service report, attention is paid to corruption and the fight for non-proliferation of chemical weapons.

The opposition says that accusations in the report are relevant, but there is a need for more specificity and a real fight against the threats.

Experts working on security issues say that the most important is that government adequately answers the threats.

Discussion of the 2017 report will begin in parliamentary committees from next week, but it is unclear when Vakhtang Gomelauri will come to the Parliament.