25 June 2024,   05:40
UNM accuses Tbilisi mayor of issuing permits for illegal constructions

"National Movement" accuses Tbilisi Mayor of issuing permits for illegal constructions.

Members of the party publicize documents for nine cases issued in February, according to which the decision of the City Hall in different districts of Tbilisi has been signed with special zonal agreements and the coefficients of the construction have increased.

It is about construction of hotels, private houses and high-rise buildings. According to the resolution, the construction permit is also issued in several recreational zones.

"While the general plan was discussed in the capital, Kakhi Kaladze in parallel took these decisions, which means special zone agreements.As long as we do not adopt the general plan, such corruption deals will continue in the capital, "said Levan Khabeishvili.

Tbilisi City Hall cannot see the illegality in the decisions taken. The written explanation reads that each resolution has the relevant justification.