18 May 2024,   10:39
"It"s ridiculous to speak about conspiracy theory" - Parliamentary majority speaks about Ninia Kakabadze"s support

How was the voting held in the parliament on April 5, when Ninia Kakahadze was elected as the member of the GPB board - Members of Parliamentary majority make statements. Those MPs, who supported the candidate, nominated by the opposition say that they had not received an order from anyone.

"Ninia Kakabadze is not a person who will pursue national interests. I think that Ninaia Kakabadze has not damaged the interests of the state and church more than United National Movement. I believe that if we don"t support Ninia Kakabadze, we will have another Ninia Kakabadze,"- said Sopho Kiladze, the Chairman of the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee of the Parliament.

A part of the ruling party criticizes Gedevan Popkhadze, who has left the parliamentary majority due to the decision to elect Ninia Kakabadze.

" It"s ridiculous to speak about a conspiracy theory or to say that someone receives orders from someone and it reflects a concrete decision,"- said the member of the faction Georgian Dream, Anri Okhanashvili.