30 November 2023,   21:50
The impression of the attempted destruction of critical votes was created - "Freedom House" speaks about "Rustavi 2"

Rustavi 2"s case is one of the main reasons why media freedom has deteriorated, "- Freedom House spokesman said.

According to Nate Schenkkan, "Rustavi 2" is an essential part of the Georgian media pluralism.

The presentation of the influential international organization survey was held recently in Brussels.

Rustavi 2"s case was part of the media freedom crash, of course, the European Court of Human Rights was an important aspect of the pressure on Rustavi 2 ". When the trial was going on in Georgia, the impression of an attempt to destroy critical votes and the political vendetta was created.

"We also took into consideration other events in the Georgian media, such as changing the programming and editorial staff in the Public Broadcaster, as well as the merger of private media outlets, which, according to our analyzes, became more and more under control of the actors affiliated with the Georgian Dream. I can tell you that Rustavi 2 still remains an important part of media freedom in Georgia , "said Nate Schenkkan, representative of" Freedom House ".