30 November 2023,   20:32
"This is a real Trojan horse," - the opposition assesses Russian "NTV-Plus" broadcasting launch in Georgia

"This is a true Trojan horse," Nika Rurua, a member of the political council of the National Movement, evaluates the possible launch of Russian "NTV-Plus" in Georgia.

The opposition member considers it to be inadmissible in his country and says that it will be responsibility of Bidzina Ivanishvili and the Georgian Dream.

 "This is Gazprom"s subsidiary, which is a factory of the Russian propaganda, ie, lies, misinformation, demoralization. It is directly a political weapon, so it is absolutely inadmissible even under the conditions of this government. If the government allows it, we will not allow it, and of course it will be responsibility of Ivanishvili"s "Georgian Dream". The social project under the cover of "NTV-plus" means that they will propagate freely, this is a real Trojan horse, "-said Nika Rurua.

Sergo Ratiani, a member of the Faction "European Georgia", says that "NTV-Plus" entry into Georgia is a propaganda machine entry.

According to the statement posted on the website of the TV station, Russian media holding company "Gazprom Media" operator "NTV-Plus" has entered Georgia"s paid TV broadcasting market and the company discusses this decision as a social mission.