17 January 2022,   14:50
Murder on Barnov Street - President suspends issuing pardoning acts for convicts on charges of violence

Murder in Barnovi Street - After three-day silence, the country"s first person made the first explanation.

After the brutal murder in Barnovi Street, the head of the state temporarily suspends issuing pardoning acts for convicts on charges of violence.

Giorgi Margvelashvili clarified why the sentence for Vepkhvia Bakradze, a murderer of a 25-year-old girl was halfed . The president says that the prisoner had good characteristic from the penitentiary establishment and the family members applied to the pardon commission with request.

The chairperson of the Pardon Commission also said that the Commission was misled by the Penitentiary Ministry"s information, which gave the prisoner a positive character in the documents sent to the President and negative in the report sent to the Commission for Early Release Commission. This accusation was denied in Kakhi Kakhishvili"s office today.

The Georgian Dream has demanded the resignation of the President of Georgia on the pardon of the defendant in murder case. President has become the object of criticism of opposition today.