17 June 2024,   07:34
"There are no re-gropings in the majority," - said Mamuka Mdinaradze

The time and place of the majority meeting is unknown. The agreement between the leaders of "Georgian Dream" has not yet been reached. All are waiting for a decisive session. After a two-week public confrontation, the majority MPs are to sit at the negotiating table. How will the majority be distributed and who will get the advantage? Kvirikashvili or Kobakhidze"s team? - These are the main questions that are to be answered after the majority meeting.

Mamuka Mdinaradze, a member of the Majority denies confrontation in the "Georgian Dream" team and talks about a small disagreement that will be sorted out in the nearest future.

Nukri Kantaria, another member of the ruling party, explains that all the questions that the party representatives have should be answered and negatively evaluates the postponing of the session.