30 November 2023,   22:31
Mukhtarli remains in custody - tShaky Appeal Court leaves the first instance decision in force

The Shaky Appeal Court upheld the first instance sentence ,six years imprisonment, to Afgan Mukhtarli, . Azerbaijani journalist has been accused of illegally crossing the border, physically insulting the border guatds and transfer of undeclared money. At the session, the border guard who was granted the status of the victim and who allegedly was hospitalized, was unable to present the documents proving this fact. Nevertheless, the judge did not consider any argument of the defense. The case will be appealed at the Supreme Court and then in Strasbourg.

"This case is politically motivated, it is proved by the fact that a day before the hearing of Appeal Court, the license of the lawyer who is the best in its field,
was suspended," said Leila Mustafaeva, wife of Afgan Mukhtarli.