30 November 2023,   20:41
Changes in the law on migration - opposition speaks about political persecution

In order to restrict illegal migration of Georgian citizens to foreign countries, the amendments to the law are planned. In case of lack of sufficient documentation, the Border Agency is entitled not to let a citizen leave the country.

Criminal liability is also toughened because of the establishment of appropriate conditions for illegal persons in a foreign country, that according to a new Article will be punished with imprisonment from 3 to 6 years .

The parliamentary majority says that regulations are established for maintaining visa free travel.

"There is a specific list of documents that a citizen must have to leave from Georgia to EU countries. These regulations are made to ensure that our country"s very important achievement is maintained, "- Davit Matikashvili said.

The opposition criticizes the new changes and sees the basics of political persecution.

In the opinion of the opposition, taking care of visa liberalization by declaring people as offenders is inadmissible.

"We should take care of the visa free regime but not at the expense of hundreds of thousands of people who will cover up and help their relatives and many of them have left Georgia," because of the Georgian Dream"s wrong and incapable economic policy " - said one of the leaders of the EuropeanGeorgia,Davit Bakradze.