27 January 2022,   03:43
Homophobic statements - 29 most influential NGOs demand resignation of Sopho Kiladze

The most influential 29 NGO demand resignation of Sopho Kiladze. The reason is that the head of the Human Rights Committee has annuled events to mark the day of the fight against violence against minorities on May 17.

The civil sector accuses the Chair of the Human Rights Committee for violating human rights.

Controversy erupted around Kiladze, when activists protested against the decision of the politician at the parliament and the committee sitting.

The noise was followed by questions of the members of the Equality Movement at the Human Rights Committee meeting of the Parliament.

Members of the Equality Movement left the session before the end of the session. In order to disperse the tense situation, the Chairperson of the committee made explanations to the media and suggested that the processes are managed by specific persons.

The defenders of the rights of LGBT community have been demanding the resignation of the Chair of the Human Rights Committee since morning. They accuse Kiladze of making homophobic statements.