25 January 2022,   17:53
"There was staged such a performance yesterday, that the president could still have to leave the sessione," said Roman Gotsiridze

According to one of the leaders of United National Movement, members of the parliamentary majority attacked the President to please Ivanishvili.

Gotsiridze says that personal signs of revenge were also visible at the yesterday"s meeting.
"Yesterday was actually the punishment for five years of disobedience. This was a day when the majority tried to please Ivanishvili,"- Gotsiridze said.

day of the five-year imprisonment for the president and this was the day when the parliamentary majority tried to please Ivanishvili as well as the signs of personal revenge," Gotsiridze said.

Irakli Abesadze, a member of parliamentary minority states that the chairperson of the parliament has mentioned himself, that it was possible to change regulations, but then the decision was changed and the majority received a political decision not to return the president in the hall.

"They have rejected to have a substantive discussion because of political stubbornness," - Irakli Abashidze said.

According to Ada Marshania, a member of the Alliance of Patriots, President has asked for violation of the Rules of Procedure, but in the legislators can change regulations.