20 June 2021,   13:49
Fight Against Russian Propaganda and Misinformation - Parliamentary Minority Initiates Imposing of Control

"European Georgia" plans to set up a new legislative initiative in the parliament aimed at fighting Russian propaganda and misinformation.

The party will work on the draft law together with the non-governmental sector and submit a specific initiative to the parliament in the nearest future.

The initiative implies the control of the Russian money inflow and the control of the financing from the budget of the Russian propaganda organizations.

"The government does nothing to restrict Russian propaganda and in general, to reduce the Russian influence in Georgia . So we have specific ideas. These ideas are primarily related to restrictions on Russian money in Georgia, including Russian money in Georgian media outlets, non-governmental organizations and other influential agents, and on the other hand, more transparency, including the public finances, "said Sergi Kapanadze, deputy speaker of the parliament, member of the Faction" European Georgia - Movement for Freedom ".