03 July 2022,   18:25
Judge"s disciplinary prosecution discussed at working meeting on Court Reform

The fourth wave of judicial reform - chairpersons, deputies of the parliament and the Supreme Court and judges are discussing in which case the disciplinary proceedings against the judge can be initiated and how to solve the problem of overcrowding.

The draft law is already ready for the fourth wave of court reform. At the workshop the document will be considered by articles.

"Today we will discuss this text according to each of the norm already and hopefully we will be able to comply with this bill today and we will have additional discussions on the overcrowding problem today. Additional recommendations are presented on this issue too, "said Irakli Kobakhidze.

As for the amendment, the disciplinary proceedings are more specifically defined in the draft law.

Ana Dolidze, a member of the Supreme Council, who attends the meeting, said that the main challenge for the state is to have a permanent appointment with more responsibilities. As for disciplinary proceedings, Anna Dolidze believes that there are shortcomings in this direction, however, the draft law will make judges more accountable to the public.