17 June 2024,   03:55
"Russian forces were trying to protect Georgian population" - Representative of Russia at Strasbourg Court

Georgia is waiting for an unprecedented decision - the last open hearing of the historic court proceeding is underway in Strasbourg. The session, which will be renewed in a few minutes, starts with the lawyer of the Georgian state.

Britain"s Ben Emerson spoke about the evidence and arguments that the Georgian side presented to the European Court.

According to him, Russia was in control of the Tskhinvali region before the August war and was preparing for war until 2008. According to Ben Emerson, there is evidence of ethnic cleansing.

"The Russian military witnesses have denied any responsibility for the attack, but Russian numbers are identified on fragments of Iskander. The member of the Council of Europe seeks to persuade the whole world that the fact of throwing missiles on the territory of the member state of the same organization is a fraud and a part of anti-Russian propaganda, and the crime scene is fictitious, "said Ben Emerson, attorney of the state of Georgia.

Then the Russian side came out with two defendants and stated that all the evidence presented by the Georgian side are falsified.

"It is important to recognize the results of the barbaric attack on Tskhinvali by the Georgian forces, but Georgia has presented the opposing facts. Russian forces were trying to protect the Georgian population, "said Deputy Minister of Justice of Russia Mikhail Galperin.