18 June 2024,   21:32
"We will continue to fight for justice" - Dutch journalist attended the discussion of Georgia-Russia case in Strasbourg

The Russians say that the attack was carried out by the munitions, which is absurd, "- the statement was made by Jeroen Ackerman at the European Court of Justice after the end of an open hearing.

The journalist who attended the present process was in Georgia during the August 2008 war and his operator died on August 12 after the Iskander blast.

A documentary film by Ackerman is one of the evidence of Georgia in the Strasbourg Court.

"There are about a hundred pieces of Ischander on the field. This is an unmistakable evidence, because only the Russians have the Iskanders. Focusing on one fragment of Iskander, which was taken in suspicious circumstances. They say that the Iskanders could not have been used and that the evidence is falsified. I was amazed by the Russian counterparts. I expected them to refuse to take responsibility, but they deny the episode of Iskander. We will continue fighting for justice not just for my colleague, but for those 12 Georgians who died on the square , "said Ackerman.